New! Vitamin Boost Hair Primer Spray

The new Vitamin Boost Hair Primer Spray is pre-styling treatment that boosts shine and strength. Expertly designed to work on its own or in tandem with styling products. On its own, it adds volume and shine when applied before drying. It can also be a first layer under your regular styling aids before air-drying or


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Start Placing Your Holiday Orders Today!

Placing Your Holiday Orders Holiday shopping is around the corner! The holiday season is a busy time for us all, but Bluestone Formulations is here to help you. We want to be sure you are prepared in advance for all your future holiday orders. Whether you are starting your haircare line for the first time


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Antioxidant Haircare for Dry, Damaged Hair

Fighting Signs of Aging on More than Just Your Skin Herbal extracts, essential oils, and vitamins are popular sources of antioxidants used in skin care products to fight free radical damage and signs of aging. Bluestone Formulation believes your brand should offer the same high-quality, antioxidant haircare ingredients to keep hair looking and feeling it’s


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Volumizing Hair Care for Fine, Thin Hair

Bluestone Formulations has the solution for hair care professionals to style thin, fine- volumizing hair care designed with natural and organic ingredients. With private label Shampoos, Conditioners, Treatment, and Styling products developed to add lift, texture, and hold for volumized styles. Shampoo Lightweight, cleansing formulas lay the groundwork for styles with volume. Gently wash away


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Smooth Frizz And Hydrate Hair

Smooth Frizz And Hydrate Hair Frizziness! We all hate it and with summer months upon us, that means spending more time to learn how to smooth the frizz out before heading outdoors, soaking up the sun, lounging by the pool, or swimming in the ocean. All of those fun summer activities are great for relaxing,


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Summer Styling – Pacific Sea Spray

With the warm, carefree months of Summer upon us, easy and beachy hair styles are back on our radar at BlueStone Formulations. We offer summer essential hair care beauty supply to salons, spas, and private retailers, including a naturally texturizing salt spray. BlueStone’s Pacific Sea Spray brings beachy texture to your private hair care line.


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Men’s Hair Care and Styling

BlueStone Formulations offers barbers and stylists natural hair care products to keep today’s gentleman looking his best. While the most important step happens through regular client appointments in your barber shop or salon, a men’s hair care professional knows the importance of offering great, every day styling products. BlueStone Formulations has options and insight on


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Hair Primer – Foundation for Great Hair Styling

BlueStone Formulations has the solution to long-lasting hair styles while keeping hair healthy and strong- naturally! For those hard to maintain hairstyles, such as blow-outs and curled looks, applying a hair primer can extend the straight-from-the-salon results without weighing hair down. BlueStone Formulations offers you the insight on this innovative product for your private label


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Thicker, Stronger, Longer Hair with Biotin

Biotin- What it is and How it works Biotin is a naturally occurring B-vitamin that promotes scalp health and strong hair growth. By keeping hair heathy at the root, biotin-enriched hair care products help minimize hair loss and strengthen the hair, length to ends, to minimize breakage. For those with fine or damaged hair, maintaining


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BlueStone Formulations – Private Label Hair Care

Welcome to BlueStone Formulations, your private label hair care solution! Established ten years ago, BlueStone Formulations has long been ahead of the curve on natural hair care designed to meet the needs of salon professionals. Pravada, a leading private label skin care company, searched for some time for a line of high-performance hair care options


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