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Contract Manufacturing and Private Label Services
Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Wild Harvested Ingredient Sourcing
Private Label Products
Private Label Solutions



Professional Organic Salon and Spa samples now available


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Private Label Solutions

The BlueStone Team is proud to offer an exciting new private label solution to entrepreneurs. If you are a Salon or Spa owner looking for organic professional salon private label products to offer your clients, and join the exploding natural health conscious product market, you are at the right place. New formulations and products are now available in this ground breaking private label service.


Questions For Salon Owners and Stylists

1. Are you looking for Professional Salon Products without any of the usual chemical ingredients?

2. Would you like to offer to your clients a healthier, environmentally conscious product?

3. Would you like your name or Salon Name on this new salon product?

4. Are you willing to take the next step?

5. Would you like to try samples of these exciting new products?


Behind the Scenes

The BlueStone Formulations team along with Salon industry insiders combined forces to create the newest and cleanest product of its kind. These products have spent many months through laboratory testing then stylist testing then back to the laboratory for re-formulation. They have spent many months in the hands of salons and spas at a wide variety of pricing levels, and finally on to the consumer, with rave reviews.

"Its been a long process and we are happy to see it get to this phase in the game". Probably the most exciting part of this project is that we are able to offer these products to our Private-Label Clients. To sum it up they are getting these amazing new industry tested, environmentally responsible, made with Certified Organic and Fair Trade ingredients, hypo allergenic formulations, with their name or logo on the bottle at revolutionary low minimum orders. Amazing!   (John Kelly, BlueStone Team)

Minimum orders of 5000$ per product

Private Label Benefits

Your name and Logo on the bottle.
Low minimum orders.
Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Wild Harvested ingredients.
Industry tested and approved formulations.
Fast turnaround time for re-orders.

Sample Packages are now available
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