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Contract Manufacturing and Private Label Services
Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Wild Harvested Ingredient Sourcing
Private Label Products
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Professional Organic Salon and Spa samples now available


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Contract Manufacturing

BlueStone Formulations is a contract manufacturer of personal care products, body care, health and beauty, skin care, pet care and private label products. BlueStone Formulations directly sources and uses top quality, Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and environmentally friendly ingredients for production.


Private Label Overview

BlueStone formulations is building an international reputation for its extensive and varied selection of environmental and ecological private label products, sourcing certified organic, fair trade, and cutting edge naturally sourced ingredients. Whatever your business you'll find the products to suit your private label needs.

We specialize in formulating products for the health conscious client where environmental and ecological impacts are the up most importance.

You can choose from many of our in house stock blends that can be adapted to suit your needs or our lab can custom blend you a brand new formulation based on your individual criteria.

BlueStone Formulations provides a variety of business solutions for our clients whether you are a large store chain or a small home based business we have a solution for you.
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Product Development

The BlueStone team can take you you step by step through all levels of product development. Our knowledgeable staff in key positions are ready to make you feel part of our team. Starting with basic needs and requirements we can be put to task to make your product vision a reality. Your success is our success.


Ingredient Sourcing

The BlueStone team is known to be on the cutting edge of innovative ingredient technology. reformulating without the use of known harmful and allergenic ingredients. Over time we have got to know a great number of ingredient sources. Although our Labs production facility is not certified organic, we do source and use a number of Certified Organic and Fair Trade ingredients. It is our mission to use formulations that support certified organic, fair trade, and socially responsible ingredients, that fill the requirements of the product. By sourcing great ingredients it supports the environment before production. But also supports the environment after the product is used being readily biodegradable, further helping septic systems and the local waterways.


Samples and Batching

New product formulation samples can be commissioned once proper paper work is in place to protect both parties. With enough up front information our chemist is usually bang on with the first set of samples, although changes can be made at this step. Next we go to batching the final formulations. We do have low minimum batch sizes to keep costs low for our clients. Minimum batch size depends on the products made. We also can accommodate large batch sizes for orders to many locations at one time.



Many clients want their own signature packaging for their products and source it themselves. Because of our large buying power and access to packaging sources we can supply our own stock packaging.

Labels, Graphics, Screen printing.

An integral part of the BlueStone team is our arts dept. Using todays industry standard software and associated technologies we have our hands in creating all aspects design and marketing concepts to finished layout. Our options include silkscreen printing on the bottle, and full colour graphic labels in many different environmentally friendly materials. From concept to finished printed or labeled on the bottle we can do it all. Along with software technology know how, our team is always up to date with the current Health Canada, FDA, USDA, NOP product labeling guidelines.


Shipping and Logistics

Our shipping and logistical services include great shipping rates between main city centers, Full customs and cross border paperwork, and insurance. Rely on us to get your products safely out and in time.


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